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Castle Making Workshop

Year 1 concluded their 'Once Upon a Time....' topic making their very own 3D castles. They designed and built the castles with the help of their parents. We all had a fantastic time, children and parents alike!

Scooter Workshop

Year 1 had great fun learning new skills and tricks on the scooters!

Art Workshop

The Year 1 children took part in an art workshop inspired by the work of Damien Hirst. The theme was mini-beasts and and we enjoyed creating our own printing tiles using a range of tools. Afterwards we printed our designs onto coloured paper to make them really pop! Once each class has completed their artwork they will be combined to create a large feature in the infant area. Watch this space .......

Multi-Skills Event

This week Year 1 took part in a multi-skills event at Cleeve Secondary School. There were 16 teams in total competing. We had 3 teams - Team Gazelle, Team Lion and Team Hare (The theme was fast animals). I am pleased to say that Team Lion won first place scoring the most points and were very proud of their medals they collected. Well done Team Lion!

Warwick Castle

A fabulous day had by all at Warwick Castle. A super swords and shields workshop, visiting the Great Hall and state rooms, an amazing birds of prey show and finding the stamps in the Horrible Histories Maze.

Planet Biscuits

Our completed biscuits tasted delicious! Can you spot what we used to decorate our planet biscuits?

Our Playdough Aliens

We used all sorts of resources to decorate our aliens and afterwards chose some underpants to complete their look. The story of 'Aliens Love Underpants' which we have been reading in class helped to give us some inspiration. I think you will agree, they all look fantastic!

'Zoom to the Moon' Celebration Day

The children, Mrs Cotton and Ms Napper celebrated the end of their space-themed topic by coming to school dressed as astronauts and aliens. They all took part in a range of fun activities including decorating planet biscuits, making paper plate spaceships, creating playdough aliens, creating cut and stick rockets, drawing with oil pastels and building models with the Space Lego set. Thank you to all parents and grandparents who gave up their time to help out during our celebration day, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

At-Bristol Science Centre

Year 1 had a fun day exploring all of the different scientific stations and taking part in a space-themed workshop. They also visited the 3D planetarium which was very exciting!

Alien Toast

The children thoroughly enjoyed designing and painting their alien toast. They had to think carefully about the colours and patterns they would use, and most importantly what it would taste like! There were some interesting and unique flavour combinations!

Our trip to Cotswold Motoring Museum and Toy Collection

We went to the toy museum in Bourton-on-the-Water. In the morning we investigated the history of different toys in a workshop and we learnt how they were made and played with. After having lunch in the village hall, we all fed the ducks on the bridge. Luckily no one fell in the water! In the afternoon we explored the museum and completed a quiz about all the fantastic things we had seen that day. We had a great time!

Materials Investigation

After reading the story about Alfie getting wet when his roof leaked we built our own Lego brick houses for him. In groups we tested different materials to see which would make the most suitable new roof and stop the Lego Alfie inside from getting wet.

Sorting Materials in Science

Identifying if objects were made from plastic, glass, fabric, wood, paper, rubber or metal.

Waitrose Trip

We went to Waitrose and made fruit crumbles. They were yummy!

Favourite Toy Paintings
Our Favourite Toys
Performing Poetry

In groups we made up actions to match the 'Nut Tree' poem by Julia Donaldson.

Gruffalo Pizzas

Our Gruffalo pizzas were delicious! We wrote a shopping list and a recipe.

Paul Klee Owls

We created abstract owls in the style of Paul Klee using oil pastels and charcoal. We used either warm, cool or neutral colours.

Gruffalo Paintings

We sketched and painted the Gruffalo. He was very scary!