Gotherington Primary School

The Lawns, Gotherington, Cheltenham, GL52 9QT

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Questions and Answers

Which schools need to complete a school profile?
All maintained schools need to publish a school profile.
What will be in the school profile?
  • data provided and updated by the DCSF on an annual basis
  • a summary of the latest Ofsted report provided by the DCSF and updated at least every three years
  • sections written by the school, updated at least once every academic year.
These sections include:
  • What have been our successes this year?
  • What are we trying to improve?
  • How have our results changed over time?
  • How are we making sure that every child receives teaching to meet their individual needs?
  • How do we make sure our pupils are healthy, safe and well-supported?
  • What have we done in response to our Ofsted report?
  • How are we working with parents and the community?